Thank You for so many years of Joy

We are incredibly saddened to close our little local shop. It's been an amazing 44 years of being a part of Portland history and supporting the most incredible community of stitchers. From classes to weekly events to regular walk-ins, we sincerely hope you reflect on these memories as fondly as we do.

Even though we may have closed, we want to keep the legacy going. If you're an aspiring entrepreneur and avid stitcher, please contact Lynne Hart for more information. With all the collected information, historical knowledge, and resources, we can help you jumpstart success for the next generation of stitching!

You can reach Lynne at:

or mail her at:
Lynne Hart
25 NW 3rd Place
Suite 6 PMB#130
Portland, OR 97210

Thank you very much for supporting this little, local shop.

- In Stitches